Wish Stories

Wish Family Picnic 2019

The weather was perfect  for our annual Summer Wish Picnic! Many of our wish families joined us for the day to enjoy inflatables, face painting, outdoor games, pony rides, Harley rides from Wolverine Harley-Davidson, and more! A big thank you to the Sterling Heights Fire Fighters Local 1557, especially Patti & Tony Lulek, who put so much time, effort, and heart into making this picnic special for our wish families, and ensuring that we were all well fed! Amazing sponsors for the picnic included Allegiant nonstopChildren’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation and Wolverine Harley-Davidson! Our new partner, Guernsey Farms Dairy joined us for the day to hand out yummy ice cream! It was definitely a great way to celebrate summer!

Jay’s NYC Wish

Food and history describe Wish Child Jay best. These are a few of this favorite things! After he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last August, his whole world changed. Having a WISH to dream about seemed “out of this world” to Jay. But it didn’t take long for him to come up with his perfect wish…visiting NYC to see Hamilton and eating dinner at a Michelin rated restaurant. Included with dinner will be a special time set aside with the chef as well as a personal tour of the fantastic kitchen. Detailed plans for his trip are already underway and we cannot wait for him to see all of the surprises that await him!

At 14 years old, Jay has many interests aside from food & history. These include his taste for Milky Way bars and steak. He enjoys watching Master Chef to gain a few pointers. Jay is an avid Michigan State fan and his favorite super hero is The Flash. In his spare time Jay also enjoys karate, cooking, playing video games and working on his computer.

Jay and his family are looking forward to this once in a lifetime wish trip to New York. Just having something to dream about and focus on during his toughest days at the hospital was such a relief to his mother. Jay is counting down the days until he is wheels up – New York bound!

The Rainbow Connection Grants Wishes for Kids Facing Illness – Oakland County Times

(Ashley Adamek, March 27, 2019)

Check out our “Get Involved Guide” for more stories about local organizations. Thank you to Bosco Lounge for sponsoring this series.

Rochester, MI – Every child dreams of what he or she will be when they grow up, but how many of those children actually get to experience the magic of a dream come true?  Aidyn was diagnosed with Leukemia at only 3 years old.  Throughout all of the tests, hospital gowns, and medication, Aidyn dreamed of being a police officer.

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Antonino’s Wyoming Wish

Wish Child Antonino wanted to check out some “real snow” for his wish!

The Rainbow Connection sent him on his once in a lifetime wish trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where he and his family experienced some of the BEST skiing in the country! The city of Jackson Hole went out of their way to treat he and his family to a special dinner, provide passes to exclusive outdoor events and wonderful accommodations that were fit for a king!

James’ Dream Came True!

James’ dream came true at the Happiest Place on Earth! James, his parents and brother and sister had a blast at Universal, Disney World, Sea World and Give Kids the World. Their experience brought tears of gratitude, giggles of joy and eyes of wonder and awe.

James’ Mom shares, “This trip brought so much joy to our family after two years of an emotional rollercoaster. It was a great time of gratitude that James is rockin’ his recovery!” We are so happy that James is doing well and had an unforgettable wish trip with his family!

Mason Meets the Despicable Me Minions

Mason always dreamed of meeting the Disney Minions and last year his wish came true! Mason’s mom shared that he was ecstatic to meet the Minions and still looks at pictures that were taken of him and the characters. The whole family enjoyed all of the theme parks and seeing Mason’s favorite animals up close in Animal Kingdom!

Mason and his big sister, Paige, loved staying at Give Kids the World and taking advantage of all the amenities. Swimming in the big pool with all the other kids was a family favorite! Like many of our wish families, Mason’s wish trip was his family’s first family vacation!

Stephen’s Canine Experience

Stephen LOVES Police and Fire, but especially those that work with the K-9 unit.  Michigan State Police helped us show Stephen a fantastic time as they dedicated an entire day to “train” Stephen.

He spent the day training with troopers, running tracks for the dogs, rewarding the canines, and arresting the bad guys!  Stephen was even named an honorary  member of the MSP Canine Unit!

It was an unforgettable day for Stephen and  MSP troopers!

A once in a lifetime fishing trip for Nick!

When we first met Nick in June of 2017, he was in the middle of his treatment protocol for cancer.  He shared that it would be his dream come true to go on a fishing trip in Alaska with his family!

Nick’s focus never wavered and exactly one year later he and his parents were bound for Anchorage!  The family drove two hours south to Seward where his fishing excursion began. They were amazed by Alaska’s striking scenery and even enjoyed some hiking along the way.

A private charter fishing company hosted Nick and his family as they enjoyed VIP treatment aboard the boat.  He experienced two days of superior fishing and traveled exclusively with the crew as they fished for salmon and halibut.  As you can see from Nick’s picture, they made quite a catch!

“A once in a lifetime experience” is how mom Tracey described it.  They took home cherished family memories AND 165 pounds of fish!  Nick and his family had the time of their lives! His trip was truly a dream come true!

Liam’s Dream Came True!

What an amazing journey for 17 year old Wish Child, Liam! His entire world was turned upside down when he was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. His determination and positive attitude have allowed him to overcome every obstacle. We met with Liam and he was quite entertaining when he spoke about his one and only true wish. Liam wanted to meet Mark Wahlberg! Thanks to help from our Rainbow Connection friends, Liam’s wish came true!

Recently, Mark invited Liam to visit him in Minneapolis for the grand opening of his new Walburgers restaurant at the Mall of America. Liam and his mom first attended a VIP party with Mark and several other celebrities. Mark then joined Liam at his table and ate burgers, and chatted about sports, life and movies! Liam is still smiling as he thinks about his incredible dream come true!