Behind the Scenes of the Wish Department

The Rainbow Connection office is bustling with excitement and delivery packages! Over the next month, more than 15 wish families will be traveling to Disney World.  We wanted to take you behind the scenes on how our wish department prepare for these exciting moments!

Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the wish date, our wish coordinators assemble and deliver wish delivery packages to our wish families. A wish delivery package for Disney World contains all of the wish details, Rainbow Connection T-shirts, personalized Mickey ears, spending cards, and fun surprises for the kids! 

Most importantly, the delivery package includes a wish binder! This contains all the specific details for the wish including reservation details, activities, contact list, and more! Each family receives a custom wish binder. Once they’ve had a chance to review it, their wish coordinator schedules a call to walk them through the details, answering any questions along the way. It’s important that our families feel ready and excited for their wish! 

  If families are traveling to Florida for a wish trip to Disney World, they stay at Give Kids the World, an incredible village only available to wish families. Their staff is on duty 24/7 to help with any needs that may arise during their stay.   

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