20 years later, Wish Child Jennifer reflects on the impact of her wish!

Wish Child Jennifer received her wish to go to Hawaii in 2004. Recently, she re-connected with Ingrid, her Wish Coordinator, and wanted to share the impact of her experience with The Rainbow Connection.

“The Rainbow Connection is a charity with a life lasting impact, creating memories and life changing moments long after the granted “wish”. For me, looking back twenty years (wow!), the impact of the opportunities provided by what many think is a single wish, is so much more than that. This organization becomes an integral part of your family, providing financial support if needed, special events for the families until eighteen, scholarships for trade school/community college/University and more.

The impact that The Rainbow Connection had on my life from childhood into adulthood forever shaped my life, through the Enhancement Program where me and my family were able to attend the Darren McCarty Cancer Foundation Dinner, Disney On Ice, sporting games, concerts and holiday parties, just to name a few.

I cannot thank The Rainbow Connection and the donors enough that sponsor wish trips and provide donations for countless programs.

To think, way back in 2003, I was eleven years old and facing cancer. I became a Wish Ambassador at Fire On Ice in 2004 (my wish sponsor: Detroit Fire Fighters Association). Little did I know from that point forward The Rainbow Connection would truly change my life. They gave me and my family a child-like happiness away from the hospital and doctors. I also was able to receive college scholarships that helped me graduate from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science and less of a financial burden.

Today I am a Senior Cancer Clinical Research Coordinator working as part of a team in the Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium. I can never say thank you enough.

Jennifer, we are so happy you continue to be part of The Rainbow Connection family and are so proud to see all that you have accomplished!