The Rainbow Connection’s Special Response Program Supports Wish Families in Need

The Rainbow Connection’s mission is to make dreams come true for Michigan children with life threatening illnesses. As the Wish Department worked with wish families over the years, it became obvious that additional assistance was needed for wish families as they care for their child. The Special Response Program was designed to address these unexpected financial needs in the areas of utilities, housing, clothing, transportation and food.

Markus, a 12-year-old with sickle cell anemia, and his family were struggling after a power outage. His mom had to throw away much of their food supply leaving them with an unexpected need. Markus’ mom says,

 “My family is forever grateful for this generous assistance to defray the cost of replacing food that was ruined due to a massive power outage. This really made my day and I can’t say thank you enough.”

Additionally, food assistance was provided to 2-year-old Jayce and his family in Detroit. Jayce has a neurological condition and his care has become their primary focus. His mom says,

            “Having a child with so many medical needs can make you feel alone but The Rainbow Connection always makes us feel like an important part of a great big family of people who can relate to our struggles.”

In 2022, over $90,000 was provided in Special Response assistance. This impacted 237 wish families and over 1,000 wish family members. To find out more about this program visit,