Liam’s Dream Came True!

What an amazing journey for 17 year old Wish Child, Liam! His entire world was turned upside down when he was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. His determination and positive attitude have allowed him to overcome every obstacle. We met with Liam and he was quite entertaining when he spoke about his one and only true wish. Liam wanted to meet Mark Wahlberg! Thanks to help from our Rainbow Connection friends, Liam’s wish came true!

Recently, Mark invited Liam to visit him in Minneapolis for the grand opening of his new Walburgers restaurant at the Mall of America. Liam and his mom first attended a VIP party with Mark and several other celebrities. Mark then joined Liam at his table and ate burgers, and chatted about sports, life and movies! Liam is still smiling as he thinks about his incredible dream come true!