Alma’s Wish for a Play Date with Aladdin

Alma, age 4 (she’s turning 5 in just one month!), knew exactly what she wanted when she met with The Rainbow Connection back in the summer of 2018. She LOVES Disney characters, especially Aladdin! She wished to travel to Disney World with her family and have a play date with Aladdin.

Her mom describes how special Alma’s wish was, “Alma’s wish trip was pure magic. Nearly every moment of the trip was filled with such joy. Alma’s smile and energy never faded. It was such a nice change for her to feel special and taken care of because she was having fun, not because she was getting poked or getting chemotherapy.”


“So many of our special moments came from when she got to meet the characters at Disney World. Each of them took such a special care in being with her, she really felt special. We loved her “play date” with Aladdin. They really got to hang out like good friends. They hugged, colored pictures for each other, played hide-and-seek, danced, and just talked. We really couldn’t have imagined anything more amazing.”