Dreams of becoming a Master Diver comes true for Michael!


Michael was just 14 years old when he was diagnosed with Leukemia and began his journey at the University of Michigan Children’s Hospital. Now 17, Michael loves Science and Art, listening to rock music, playing the drums and watching his favorite TV show, Myth Busters.

Michael’s ultimate passion is diving and his wish was to become a Master Diver! We worked closely with our friends at US Scuba to outline all of the courses, dives and excursions required for Master Diver certification.  We enrolled Michael in the curriculum which included fifty dives, four specialty classes, a diver stress and rescue class as well as a special dive expedition in Tobermory, Canada.

We are pleased to announce that Michael is now officially a Master Diver, and we are so proud of his accomplishment!



Kylie Visits Cinderella’s Castle!

Kylie and family at the Magic Kingdom

Kylie is 4 years old. She lives in Macomb with her parents and big brother, Ronald. Kylie has been battling heart disease since birth. Although often fatigued Kylie just loves going to preschool and playing with her friends. At home she spends hours building all kinds of wonderful creations with her Lego Friends kits. She also really enjoys watching the Bubble Guppies and her favorite colors are pink and blue.

Kylie went on her magical wish trip with her family in December, 2013. The wish began when a luxurious limousine swept them away to the airport for a week of fun and sun in beautiful Orlando, Florida. The family had a great time every single day. Kylie says the best day was when she went to Cinderella’s castle! She felt like a princess herself!

Evan’s Wish

Evan with Mickey Mouse

Evan is 4 years old and lives in Melvindale, MI. He lives with his parents and he has an older brother in college out of state. Evan has been battling Cystic Fibrosis since he was 12 days old. He LOVES the Disney movie CARS, playing pirate ship and pretending he is a pirate, and watching his favorite cartoon, Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Evan’s Rainbow Connection dream came true in October when he and his parents were flown to magical Disney World for a week of adventure together!



The family had complete access to all seven local theme parks with VIP treatment at every stop.

His very favorite day was when he got to dress up as a pirate! It was an incredible week full of memories that the entire family will cherish forever.

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