2014 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report Image2014 Annual Report

Josh – Wish Ambassador for the 13th Annual Walk for Kids

Team Josh

Wish Ambassador Josh showing off his dream tricked out car
Josh from Chesterfield, MI is this year’s Wish Ambassador at the 13th Annual Walk-Run for Kids.  Josh, a big-time baseball player, was diagnosed with Melanoma as he was starting his senior year in High School.  He has to put his baseball glove down as he battles cancer and redirected his passion to cars.  “I’m a huge car guy,” said Josh. “When the time came when Rainbow asked me about my wish, I had just gotten a new car that was sweet. I really wanted to go over the top with add ons- really trick out my car.”  The Rainbow Connection team worked tirelessly to make sure he had everything he hoped for.  “Working with The Rainbow Connection was nothing short of an awesome experience,” said Josh. “They listened to what my ideas were and tried, and succeeded, with flying colors, to meet every need and want of mine in order to make my dreams and wish come true!”Josh on ground


Jarrell’s Shopping Spree

Jerrell with tablet

Rainforest 2Jarrell is 10 years old and lives in Detroit with his parents and 3 older brothers. Before he was diagnosed with cancer in February 2015 Jarrell spent his time with school, his family and sports.  He especially likes the Detroit Pistons.  Since his diagnosis Jarrell has had to put his medical treatment first and has missed out on a lot.  He loves all kinds of electronics, shopping, spending time with his family and watching sports so when asked what his dream come true would be he picked a shopping spree!  He picked the day and a limousine came to his house and picked him up with his whole family.  The limo took him to his favorite stores.  He went to Best Buy where he bought a special tablet that he has wanted.  He went to Sports Authority for some cool new shoes and his favorite team’s official jersey and then he went to the local mall where he bought more clothes and had dinner at his favorite restaurant, The Rainforest Café!

It was a great day and he bought lots of stuff to make the time go by until his medical treatments are completed.  Jarrell told us “I got everything I wanted and I had so much fun!”Brothers in RC Shirts

Dylan’s dream comes true!


IMG_0436IMG_0604When Dylan was born he was diagnosed with Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome, a life-threatening heart condition.  He is six years old now and each day of his life has been affected by his medical condition. There is so much he is not able to do but Dylan strives on!  He loves playing with his trucks, dressing up as a Super Hero, building with his Legos and riding his bike with his brother Lucas.

Dylan and his whole family had the adventure of a lifetime when they went on their all expenses paid trip to Disney World.  Dylan also visited Legoland where they treated him like a superstar!