Elizabeth Sharrow

The rainbow connection is absolutely amazing! They made my son Aidyns wish come true we spent an amazing week in Florida at the give kids the world village. We went to all of the Disney parks an they treated us like royalty. Everyone at the rainbow connection is amazing. During the darkest time in our sons life the rainbow connection was always there to make him smile. The rainbow connection always goes above and beyond to make sure all of their wish kids feel special. From care packages all the way to making dreams come true!-Elizabeth

Gina Kell Spehn

Granting wishes is a very simple way of saying that you give sick kids and families the opportunity to share joy, make memories and forget about the struggle, even if for a moment. Sam’s granted wish gave him and our family freedom to dream, permission to pause, and hopeful anticipation of good things to come. And this extends beyond the beautiful vacation you granted us. It’s a new perspective on life. Thank you, Ingrid, Nancy and Rainbow Connection family, for reminding us how to dream, that we need to pause, even when everything is chaotic, and that when we trust God, we can live a life full of hopeful anticipation. We love The Rainbow Connection and are forever grateful for the love and kindness you showered upon our family. God’s peace and blessings to you all!

Rick Joseph

The Rainbow Connection provided my son, Zack, with a very simple wish – to spend some time with our exchange student from last year. It just so happens that our exchange student lives in Denmark!

The Rainbow Connection sent us to Copenhagen and Berlin for what became the true trip of a lifetime for our family of four – 6 days in two very exciting European capitals. Of all the amazing experiences we had each day, Zack said his favorite part of the whole trip was just hanging out with Chris and meeting his family for the first time.

Thank you to Ingrid and The Rainbow Connection for giving us the opportunity to spend time together as a family and celebrate life. We are eternally grateful for this wish trip!

Sophia W

I really can’t say enough about Rainbow connection…words can not express how truly greatful and appreciative we are for every person and organization involved with the Rainbow Connection! They made not only my daughter’s dream come true, but my whole family’s dream came true! Being giving a trip of a lifetime to Disney for a week for a family of 8! I’m not sure we could have ever afforded to do it on our own…definitely not with ALL the first class treament! I thank God for the Rainbow Connection and pray they are able to continue to bless other MI families for years to come!! Thank you for ALL the FOREVER memories that were created for my entire family!! It felt so good for us all to forget about our troubles and just have fun!! God bless you ALL!!

Angelina D

The rainbow connection is fabulous …they care about the children they do anything to make the kids happy ..they have been there for my son from the start love the staff .. I just am over whelmed at what they do for the children and the families ..

Jennie Opperman

This wonderful organization granted our daughter her wish trip in 2008, a trip to Disney to be a Princess among Princesses. Just 10 short months later she lost her battle with cancer and was called home to heaven. I don’t think we fully appreciated the Rainbow Connections gift at the time but in the years that have followed we have. The memories that were created during that trip, the most wonderful time we had ever spent as a family, are absolutely priceless and bring both smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes. We will never be able to adequately thank the Rainbow Connection for that gift, the gift of dreams coming true!


Rainbow Connection is an amazing organization. They go above & beyond to make dreams come true for a child with a life threatening illness. My son Drew & I are forever grateful for all you did to make his dream come true. The memories you gave us are priceless!!!

Michael Teats

5 stars just isn’t enough!! We will have the memories they helped us create forever!

Barb & Mike McDonald

Rainbow Connection has helped our family have some wonderful, exciting experiences that we could’ve never had without their help! they continue to help as Kaleb goes through trials with his health. Please support this organization in any way that you can!

Mike and Barb
Holly Renee

I cannot thank the Rainbow Connection enough for everything they did for my family and I. What an amazing organization that inspires so much! Absolutely amazing ♡ I was in total awe for the experience and I know it meant so much for my little sister! Thank you so much!!

Holly Renee