Stacey Pakulski

I love rainbow connection. Nancy did a awesome job with putting my daughters trip together everything went very smoothly the entire trip she even ordered her vest to be delivered the day we arrived at Give kids the world village so we wouldn’t have to bring ours! My daughter had the time of her life and rainbow connection made that all possible. Thank you for granting her wish to Disney!-Stacey


“The Rainbow Connection has been so wonderful to us throughout my sons battle with cancer. The Disney trip they gifted our family gave him something to look forward to during his hospital stays and the memories we made will last us a lifetime.” -Melina


“The Rainbow connection has been a bright light to our family every step of the way during Noah’s cancer journey. We have created some amazing family memories by the experiences that the Rainbow connection has provided. We just came back from Noah’s wish trip to Disney/Give Kids the World and it was the trip of a lifetime. Every detail was so thoughtfully planned for our family, and we are forever grateful for this trip!!!” -Kelly


The people at Rainbow Connection. Especially Ingrid. Are Absolute Angels. It’s been a few years since my boys had their wishes granted. Yes both of them. And the Rainbow Connection was amazing. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the organization! Thank you again! -Samantha


“The Rainbow Connection and everyone who works there are amazing. Their level of service and dedication is unmatched. I would highly recommend them to any family. We feel so blessed to have been introduced to this wonderful organization through our son’s Oncologist. Their compassion and care for our family has been beyond any expectations we ever had. Thank you to everyone there for all that you do!!”-Angie


“The rainbow connection is truly amazing. They do so much more than granting wishes, they make you a part of their family. My cancer fighting 1 year old was granted a “mini wish” and it put the biggest smile on my sweethearts face. Thank you so much to everyone at the Rainbow Connection for all the continued love and support.” -Vanessa


The Rainbow Cinnection provided our son, Connor, with an awesome trip to Florida which included Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. Give Kids the World Village where we stayed at was amazing. I can’t tell you how much this trip meant to our family. Thanks so much to the Rainbow Connection for making this happen!!! – Jessica

Natalie Kubinski Hill

The Rainbow Connection has provided our family with support and countless generosity. We are so grateful for everything that the Rainbow Connection has done for us. Ingrid rocks! Thank you for making both of my girls feel special!

Elizabeth Sharrow

The rainbow connection is absolutely amazing! They made my son Aidyns wish come true we spent an amazing week in Florida at the give kids the world village. We went to all of the Disney parks an they treated us like royalty. Everyone at the rainbow connection is amazing. During the darkest time in our sons life the rainbow connection was always there to make him smile. The rainbow connection always goes above and beyond to make sure all of their wish kids feel special. From care packages all the way to making dreams come true!-Elizabeth

Gina Kell Spehn

Granting wishes is a very simple way of saying that you give sick kids and families the opportunity to share joy, make memories and forget about the struggle, even if for a moment. Sam’s granted wish gave him and our family freedom to dream, permission to pause, and hopeful anticipation of good things to come. And this extends beyond the beautiful vacation you granted us. It’s a new perspective on life. Thank you, Ingrid, Nancy and Rainbow Connection family, for reminding us how to dream, that we need to pause, even when everything is chaotic, and that when we trust God, we can live a life full of hopeful anticipation. We love The Rainbow Connection and are forever grateful for the love and kindness you showered upon our family. God’s peace and blessings to you all!