Frequently Asked Questions

How is a child referred for a wish?

There are several ways to refer a child to The Rainbow Connection. You can call 248-601-9474. Referrals can be made using the Online Referral Form.

Who can refer a child?

Eligible children can be referred by a parent or legal guardian or by a medical professional involved in their care. We also accept self-referrals by children who contact us directly.

How is eligibility determined?
  • The child must be between the ages of 2 1/2 and 18 years
  • The child must live in the state of Michigan
  • The child must be diagnosed with a life-threatening or terminal illness
  • The child’s illness must be verified by a licensed physician
  • The child must not have received a wish from any wish granting organization previously
Is a child who has already received a wish from another organization eligible for a Rainbow Connection wish?

Children who have had previous wishes granted by The Rainbow Connection or by other wish-granting organizations are not eligible for a second wish.

Does the family’s financial status matter?

No. It is only the child’s medical condition that determines eligibility for a wish. We understand that even financially comfortable families have neither the time nor the emotional energy to plan their child’s wish experience or a dream vacation while meeting the demands of medical treatment schedules and other day-to-day responsibilities of their child’s medical condition. Often a child’s dream is for something money cannot buy . . . meeting the president of the United States, meeting a favorite celebrity or becoming a model for a day.

Does The Rainbow Connection protect the child’s privacy?

The Rainbow Connection respects the privacy of the children and families it serves. All medical information is considered confidential and is not discussed with outside parties unless it is required for the wish and the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s) have given their consent.