Sheila’s Dream Trip to Hawaii

Family with leis

Sheila was 16 years old and looking forward to the 11th grade when she was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer) in June, 2012.  Her medical treatment was rigorous and, finally, in early 2014, her medical team gave approval for her dream come true to go to Hawaii!

A routine checkup just prior to her departure revealed the cancer had returned. Sheila’s dream trip was cancelled.  Disappointed but determined, Sheila resumed treatment.  In September 2014 her trip was rescheduled with her doctors’ blessing.  When radiation sickness made travel in September impossible Sheila was devastated. The Rainbow Connection kept her hopes up with visits and gifts, assuring her that her dream trip would wait for her to enjoy.
FullSizeRender_14 MauiFinally in March 2015 Sheila’s dream came true.  Sheila tells us the very best part of her wish was the break from the hospital and spending time with her family in such a beautiful place!