Austin Meets the Seahawks


Austin is 9 years old and lives in Warren. Diagnosed shortly after birth with a life-threatening blood disorder, Austin confronts and overcomes struggles with his illness every day. Austin LOVES the Seattle Seahawks and it was no surprise when he shared his dream to meet this awesome football team!DSC06466

Austin and his family were flown off to Seattle on Christmas day and the magic began…. On December 26th they attended the Seahawks’ practice and met the players. All the players knew who Austin was before he met them-they greeted him with open arms. There was even a locker for Austin in the locker room next to his favorite player, Russell Wilson!

The following day the family arrived at CenturyLink Field to watch the Seahawks vs St Louis Rams game. To their surprise, they were led to a suite at the sidelines complete with their own food service and the best view of all. What a thrill it was when the ball was tossed to Austin and he ran the game ball across the field! A dream come true!